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Stealthy Worldwide shipping

Shipping is international,we ship to all countries without exclusions.

7-14 working days within the EU from the moment of shipping, UK 4-14

 8-20 working days US-Australia and other countries outside of EU.

 Tracking number is available 7-10   after payment and it will be sent via email.

There are delays possible or being sent faster than the above specified time. If 15 days have passed and you have not received tracking.Please contact us so we can see what happened.

 20€ if order is under 500€

 Free Shipping if order is over 500€

Shipping is with courier in most countries.

For Nordic countries we do not offer a free reship.You order by choice but we will not be responsible if it is seized and you will not get a refund (Sweden,Finland,Norway)


 In case of an unlikely seizure,we provide a free reship with a seizure notice from 

 the postal service,if the tracker says that the parcel has been delivered to the addresee,there will be no free reship.

Seizures are very rare.


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